Welcome to ProduceIT

ProduceIT is a boutique creative design agency based in Melbourne specialising in:

  • Instructional design / online and blended learning solutions
  • Graphic and Web design solutions
  • Social Media Consulting
  • IT Equipment hire
  • Our clients include Corproate, educational as well as Film and Television Productions.

    Our consultants have over 15 years experience and have produced work for a variety of organisations. Industry experience combined with great design and use of strategic technology and media means ProduceIT is well placed to develop and help your organisation.

    Your success is our primary driver. At ProduceIT, we take pride in helping clients achieve the most realistic and effective solutions. We admit, it's in our best interest to help clients succeed.

    The services we provide:

    Instructional design / online and blended learning solutions

    ProduceIT creates interactive and engaging online and blended learning solutions for our clients which means your employees will engage more in the learning and retain more knowledge through our design.


    A picture of work from the set of The Librarians

    ProduceIT replicates realistic looking computer systems, interfaces and other computer graphics for use in the production of television and film projects.

    For example:

    If it appears on a screen, we can simulate it -- stylishly, and with an eye for detail.

    Computer Equipment Hire

    A picture of work of the control room set of RUSH

    ProduceIT hires out computer equipment specifically for your production, ranging from '80s vintage to newer model PCs. We also have a range of games consoles, laptops and other computer related equipment for hire. And if we don't have what you need, we can source it for you.

    IT Services

    ProduceIT can take care of all your IT needs, be it on location or at the production office.
    We can help you pick an internet plan that will maximise your utilisation potential while keeping costs low. We can design and build a public or private website for your film. We can even set up a shared data storage area, allowing separate departments to store large files for download and viewing, making it easier to communicate -- especially on those multi location shoots